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Yep another Locks Lash Product! Why? Because they know their sh**


What are the ideal conditions for glue? You should already know about Humidity and Temperature but do you know the third critical factor? Most don’t!


Locks Lash have had the scientists (literally) trying to figure out what exactly is the perfect conditions for glue (any glue) to set properly and offer the best retention!
Well after a lot of research they have found it!
Introducing the NEW Unicorn Tears!
This magical stuff will provide the PERFECT pH on the natural lash to provide the best possible conditions (along with right humidity and temperature) for the glue to adhere to! 
Use it the same way you use primer, after cleansing the area.
Minds will be blown, training manuals will be rewritten, retention will go through the roof! Get excited!!
Try it out and see how big of a difference it makes!
*You may notice that the Unicorn Tears is now a slightly blue colour instead of clear. Don't worry it is still exactly same and works the same magical way!
We have recently changed to Unicorns that have a strictly Gluten-Free, Organic diet which as we all know changes the tears of unicorns to a slight blue colour!

This product is intended for professional use only.

Unicorn Tears

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