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Key information:Humidity: 40-55%Temperature: 19-25 ºCDry time: 3-5 secondsViscosity: ThinPerfect for: Classic Lashing & beginnersFumes: LowSize: 10milMade: In Korea Maximus Medium is perfect for beginners due to its slightly longer dry time... more time to get the lash in its place! Once glue is opened it will last for 3-8 weeks (depending on environment it is stored in).Storage:Unopened: Under 20% humidity (the lower the better), 6-16ºCOpened: Tightly sealed lid, in a bag with a silica packet (to reduce humidity levels) in a cool dark place. Opened glues should be discarded 1 month after being opened, possibly sooner depending on storage conditions. This product is intended for professional use only.

Maximus Medium Dry Adhesive

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