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This comprehensive lash lift course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform professional lash lift treatments.


Lash lift is a popular beauty treatment that enhances the natural lashes by giving them a lifted, curled, and more defined appearance.


Through a combination of theory and hands-on training with Nicole, students will learn the proper techniques, safety protocols, and best practices for achieving stunning lash lift results.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certification as a lash lift technician!


Lash Lift Artistry Course Online

  • MODULE 1 - Introduction
    > How to study this course
    > What is a ‘lash lift’?

    MODULE 2 - Tools & Products Used
    > Lash lift, tint tools and products used

    MODULE 3 - Full Lash Lift Procedure
    > Sequence of a lash lift
    > Lash lift procedure
    > Full lash lift demonstration

    MODULE 4- Lash Lifts: What You Need To Know
    > Preparing the lashes
    > Applying the lash lift solutions
    > Lash tinting with a lash lift

    MODULE 5 - Lash Lift FAQs
    > Lash Lift Commonly Asked Questions

    MODULE 6 - Advanced Tips & Tricks
    > Tips, tricks and troubleshooting
    > Choosing your rod size
    > Lash lift rod placement
    > Tape trick
    > Tips for lifting straight lashes
    > Lash lift reversal

    MODULE 7 - Aftercare, Reactions & Patch Testing
    > Hygiene and safety
    > Patch testing and reactions
    > Lash lift aftercare
    > Lash lift procedure checklist
    > Sample client waiver form

    MODULE 8 - Practical
    > Get tools and products ready
    > Practice working with the Glue

    After your training, you will be required to submit practical assignments to show your competence in the skills learned. These will be reviewed by the live trainer at NP Lashes. Passing these practical assignments is at the trainer's discretion.


    You will get 6 months to complete these modules

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