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The most essential product for your after care needs - NPs Eyelash Extension Protective Coating Sealant in our 'wet look' style


The Sealant is perfect as a technician to on-sell to your client to add a layer of protection against sweat, dirt and other environmental irritants to make eyelash extensions last longer!


It is recommended to apply after cleansing the eye lashes and can be applied daily to help prolong the retention by 7-15 days. Please only apply once, once the sealant is dry DO NOT reapply until lashes are cleansed again


It is recommended not to brush lashes once the sealant is on and dry as the lashes will be held in place already. If you feel the need to brush, simple cleanse the sealant off prior.



Eyelash Protective Sealant 'wet look'

PriceFrom $34.00
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