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This online brow artistry course is a comprehensive and interactive educational program designed to teach participants the art and technique of brow lamination, hybrid tint and waxing.


This course is  conducted through digital platforms and provides a structured learning experience, covering various aspects of eyelash extensions. 


Nicole will be your trainer through this course if you have any questions at all! If you decide you would like an in person sessions this can be added on at any point.


  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate, demonstrating your competence

  • 24/7 Access: Enjoy 27/7 access to course materials, so you can revisit and refine your skills at your own pace from any internet ready device.

  • 6 months course access!

Complete Brow Artistry Online Course

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    You will learn, what Brow Lamination is and how to perform the treatment. Aftercare and precautions to take. All the different styles that can be achieved & tips and tricks to getting a great result.

    • What is brow lamination
    • Tools and products used
    • Full brow lamination procedure outline
    • Step by step breakdown of brow lamination
    • Different brow lamination styles
    • Waxing, tinting and henna
    • Patch test, reactions and aftercare


    Learn what tint is and how it works, all about colours, how to choose the right colour for your client and how to custom mix tints, how to achieve fuller looking brows for your clients using Hybrid Brow tint, how to do a standard brow tint, and more....

    • What is Hybrid Brow Tint
    • What is Hydrogen & pH
    • Hybrid Products & Chemicals
    • The structure of hair
    • The structure of skin
    • Ingredients & Terms of Hair & Brow Dye
    • Henna vs Hybrid Brow Tint
    • Regular vs Hybrid Brow Tint
    • Patch testing and contradictions
    • Sequence of brow treatments
    • Prepping the brow
    • Mapping the brow
    • Hybrid Brow Tint full sequence
    • Tips for getting the stain to last
    • Using Hybrid Brow Tint colours
    • Colour Theory
    • Using Cool or Warm tones on your client
    • Ombre brows
    • Can I tint eyelashes with Hybrid Brow Tint?
    • Aftercare
    • Treatment submissions
    • Completion and certificate


    You will learn about the different types of wax, which one to use for the face and why, what questions to ask clients before you wax them. How to prep for waxing, the dos and don'ts of waxing, the basics of facial symmetry and how to get a brow shape that suits your client and enhances their beauty. You will also see a full demonstration of facial waxing and brow waxing from start to finish.

    • Waxing tools & equipment
    • Waxing tools & equipment
    • How to use your wax pot
    • How to clean your wax pot
    • Types of wax
    • Hard wax vs soft wax
    • Waxing basics
    • Anatomy of hair
    • Hygiene practices
    • How to move the spatula
    • Temperature of wax
    • Making a hard wax strip and pulling it off
    • Waxing basics
    • Knowledge check - waxing basics
    • Facial waxing
    • Brow shapes & waxing
    • Brow shapes
    • Brow & facial symmetry
    • Lip wax
    • Chin wax
    • Sides wax
    • Nostrils wax
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