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This starter kit has everything you need to create your first sets of Eyelash Extensions! VALUED AT $279


Purchased our online course? Combine it with this kit and start lashing at home before your first client!

Starter Kit

  • Contents of the kit include:

    5x Hydrogel Eye Pads

    1 x Classic Adhesive

    1 x Classic Trays (C Curl Mixed 0.15)

    1 x Premade Tray (C Curl Mixed 0.07)

    1x Curved Tweezer

    1x Straight Tweezer

    1x Lash Tile

    1 x Jade Stone

    1 x Non-Stick Tape

    1x Medical Tape

    1 x Packet Lash Wands

    1x Mapping Pen

    5 x Pairs Practice Lashes

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