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The Pro Kit is the ultimate kit for the babe who’s 100% pledging to nail the lashing game. This kit provides the best value, contains a sh*t load of products to play with, a huge case & contains enough product for between 50-60 applications.


Images are for content purposes only. Kit contents are subject to availability and may vary

Pro Kit - Locks Lash

  • Pro Kit (Recommended)
    (Contents listed may vary due to stock)
    Kit contents valued at $747 RRP

    3 x Classic Eyelash Tray - Multi
    2 x Pre-made Pixie Eyelash Tray - Short Stem
    2 x Pre-made Pink Strip Eyelash Tray - Long Stem
    2 x Pro-made Eyelash Tray - Medium Stem Multi
    1 x Cream Debonder
    1 x Air Puffer
    1 x Micro Sticks Pack
    1 x Mascara Wands
    1 x New Double Eye Slimline Practice Head (Comes With Practice Eyelash Strips)
    2 x Standard Curved Tweezer
    2 x Standard Straight Tweezer
    1 x 3m Medical Tape
    1 x Unicorn Tears
    1 x Primer Spray Bottle
    1 x Foaming Pump Bottle
    1 x Jade Stone
    2 x 25 Pack Slim Eye Gel Pads
    1 x Holy Grail Glue
    1 x Flawless Glue
    1 x Long Lash Serum - Yes They're Mine - From Simply Naked Beauty
    1 x White Lash Tray Organiser
    1 x Large Carry Case Pro

    *kit contents may change without notice based on product availability.

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