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NP's Classic Lash Extension Adhesive (glue) is perfect for beginner to experienced Technicians - an all round classic!


Bonus items when purchasing our Classic Adhesive include:

  • An open date sticker to know when your adhesive will be due to expire (write it on the sticker when opening and attach to bottle)
  • Nozzle wipes to burp and wipe away any excess adhesive
  • Spare Nozzle 
  • Nozzle Pin  (incase any glue dries in the nozzle - use this before first use)


Some perks!

Speed: 1-2 second dry time

Humidity: 35-70%

Degrees: 18-27 degrees

Low irritation/fumes

Latex and Formaldehyde free

Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant and Waterproof

Size: 5ml

Colour: Black


Use within 2 months once opened

Shelf Life: 12 Months (unopened)



NPs Classic Adhesive

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