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Setting Goals and New Years Resolutions as a Business Owner.

What is it about being trapped on a plane that sends my brain into this mastermind of ideas? It's kind of like being in a car or shower, you are in there without distractions or errands to run and really tune in on your own thoughts and I love it.

Until you get out and wonder where those thoughts went and wish your brain could have typed it all out for you.. so that's me right now, typing it out so I don't lose it while listening to the 'Happy Hour with Lucy and Nikki'.

These gals are wild, fun and business all mixed in together which is the best way to run business if I say so myself. The podcast I listened to today travelling to Darwin (with hopes to get some sunshine as ADL is not providing the goods - and to watch my partner sweat it out in footy) was "Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet ft. Rachel Dillon" , and this really got me thinking.

I am another one of those who predict they have ADHD and I struggle focusing on 1 task at a time or remembering the ideas and goals I have as they are constantly changing. Most importantly, I don't sit back and congratulate myself when I have reached a goal, cash month or win in business and if you aren't celebrating and acknowledging this what is the point?

This got me thinking as I remembered the last time I truly wrote my thoughts down, this was last November coincidently on a plane locked into my own thoughts again. I looked back at my notes in my phone that I hadn't re-read in the last 3 months and realised I had already smashed the goals I was hoping to achieve in 2023. That felt awesome but i hadn't even told my friends and family, would I have realised if I didn't listen to this podcast, be in this zone and gone back to read?

So yes, I ticked it off which for whatever reason makes it so much more real doesn't it? (giggling to myself, spread out over 3 seats on the plane probably looking like the biggest wierdo but I am fully in my zone right now).

So to sum up my feels I have decided to write my 2023 goals and will review these weekly to set tasks to make them achievable, I encourage you to do the same because it is important to recognise the achievements you make and it gives you a reason to reward yourself for those achievements too.

As Rachel mentioned in the podcast, a great way to set the goals is to categorise them and some examples are:

  • Career

  • Health

  • Mind/Spiritual

  • Relationship

  • Leisure

I will give you a sneak peak of a simple one of mine which is becoming a 'morning person'. At the moment I am not being the best version of myself, I struggle to get out of bed which results in lack of motivation for the gym, meal prep and this definitely takes a toll on my business mindset.

A task I am setting myself to achieve this goal is to have no screen time after 9pm and instead, listen to a podcast - whenever I do this I place my AirPods in and am asleep within minutes and wake up in the morning playing where's Wally hoping one of my dogs hasn't found and chewed one of them.

Anyway, travelling and levelling up my business for my clients is a huge goal of mine too but that won't happen without fuelling the body right? And obviously my relationship will strive when my mind is awake and my energy is high.

So, sometimes its best to start small and think of what will benefit you without focusing on business and that will naturally evolve when you're at your best. I hope you have a go at this and let me know what your goals are at @np_lashes_adelaide

Bye for now,

Nicole xx

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